A bathroom makeover is a good way to spruce and spice up your home, but doing it alone is no small undertaking. Before you start your own venture, make sure that you know what you will be doing, and you already have collected good advice from individuals who are experts in the field.  

 There are a lot of re-modeling services like kitchen, home, and bathrooms services available in different states. You can even try to remodel a bathroom in Boise, Idaho or in different parts of the U.S.A. It is easy and convenient to hire professionals because some designs are achievable and cheaper to do. 

We gathered the best remodeling tips for a bathroom from experts, and came up with the following: 


Make your own Bathroom design 

Before you begin the job, make sure you already have a vision of how your bathroom will look like after the whole project.  


To help you decide, here are some design elements you can try before you start your bathroom remodeling: 

Space for storage – your bathroom items need to be considered. Having shelving and/or bathroom cabinets is a need. This is where you will keep and store your toiletries, towels, and other bathroom essentials.  

Utilities and their location – to prevent further repair costs, make sure that you know the location of your plumbing pipes and electrical wiring before you execute your plan. Make sure you have accurate measurements for these wiring to avoid problems.  

New fixtures – when you remodel, you can reuse your old equipment or buy new ones. Buying new things like a new sink, mirror, or tub that suits your design plan would be good; however, if out of budget, you can start replacing bathroom equipment which is most visible and prominent in the bathroom. 

Color scheme – Know ahead of the time the color scheme you prefer. This will guide you in what to purchase when you want to replace bathroom items such as tiles, sink, or paint in your bathroom.  


Shower remodeling design choices 

When it comes to shapes, you may choose from these options: 

  • Square-like 
  • Rectangular 
  • Pentangle 


Consider your bathroom features before deciding for a suitable base shape, because the shape of your base will significantly determine and affect the whole bathroom layout.  



If you want a stylish design that also saves space, you can try replacing your old tub with a walk-in shower.  


Countertop choices 

  1. Natural stone is ideal for high-end and sophisticated bathrooms. A polished granite is very resistant to stain and scratch.  
  1. Laminated countertop is best when you have a tight budget because it is cheap and affordable. It is also resistant to stains and scratches and has a many color and texture variety 
  1. Resin-based are best to use when you have a countertop with an unusual shape. It also needs no sealing. 


The Final Word 

You see, these good designs for bathroom remodeling are easy and achievable to do. You do not need a large sum of money to transform your bathroom into something you like!